MITAmbiente participated in the event organized in Bardolino (VR) at the Hotel Caesius Congress Center by the ANPEQ Radiation Protection Academy held from 21 to 23 November 2022: "Assessment of the dose in routine and in incidental conditions Health - Industry - Environment". Protagonists of the three days important topical issues such as assessments of dose estimation in different contexts and the management of NORM.

With this event, the ANPEQ Academy provided the necessary tools to address the aspects of radiogenic risk assessment in the use of ionizing radiation in healthcare, industrial environments and in the natural radiation sector.

The participation of MITAmbiente was both as a sponsor and as a speaker thanks to the intervention of Vespa Engineer entitled "Experiences of management chains for the disposal of NORM / TENORM residues and slightly contaminated materials".


NORM and TeNORM Disposal

MITAmbiente assiste il produttore dei NORM e TeNORM in tutte le fasi di gestione a partire dalla caratterizzazione,...


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