"The assessment of the dose of workers exposed to ionizing radiation" Congress 3 - 4 February 2023 - Verona

On 3 and 4 February the congress "The evaluation of the dose of workers exposed to ionizing radiation" was held at the Verona...

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The corrective decree to Legislative Decree 101/2020 has been published

The supplementary and corrective provisions of Legislative Decree 101/2020 have been published and will enter into force on...

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MITAmbiente participates in the 2022 edition of ANPEQ event in Bardolino

MITAmbiente participated in the event organized in Bardolino (VR) at the Hotel Caesius Congress Center by the ANPEQ Radiation...

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MITAmbiente participated in Ecomondo 2022

MITAmbiente this year participated in Ecomondo 2022, the most important event at European level for industrial and...

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Safety and radioprotection criteria for the deactivation of nuclear installations technical guide n. 31

The Technical Guide n. 31 which contains the "Safety and radiation protection criteria for the decommissioning of nuclear...

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Disposal of Cs137 radiators

Here is an interesting disposal case history that MITAmbiente completed in record time. A complete  service which included the...

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