MITAmbiente specializes in the decomissioning of plants and plants that present the risk from ionizing radiation, both industrial and medical.

Decommissioning includes all operations aimed at the complete decommissioning of the plant or plant at the end of the life cycle with the release without constraints of a radiological nature.

The strengths and peculiarities that make MITAmbiente a highly competitive partner are the exclusive and direct control of the entire supply chain starting from design and planning, characterization, packaging, collection, transport, treatment, disposal or reuse.

All the operational phases are designed and supervised by a specialized and particularly dynamic technical office, with expertise in nuclear, radiation protection, environmental and safety protection

Equipment decommissioning

MITAmbiente provides concrete and innovative answers in the field of decommissioning of equipment containing radioactive or contaminated sources / activated by their use with ionizing radiation.

Specific know-how is what distinguishes MITAmbiente and has determined and determines its development.

The interventions are based on a careful intervention design and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

The services offered provide for all types of activities, the management of the removal of waste produced, both in terms of logistics, transport, and the assignment to authorized facilities of MITAmbiente.

Remediation of contaminated sites and areas

MITAmbiente specializes in remediation of sites and areas with the presence of artificial or natural radioisotopes (NORM).

MITAmbiente is in possession of all the authorizations for the management of the radioactive material, moreover it is authorized to carry out the reclamation of the polluted sites.

As a result of the remediation, for the disposal of the material contaminated by artificial or natural radionuclides, MITAmbiente is in possession of both a plant authorized pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 101/2020 and a series of disposal solutions is a reserve plant, preliminary storage, selection, sorting and recovery of waste pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 152/2006, where materials can be released by the regulatory regime of Legislative Decree no.101/2020.

Through a constant and programmatic implementation of safety and quality procedures applied to contaminated sites, MITAmbiente guarantees complete compliance with industry best practices. In addition, the personnel employed are trained to operate in contexts of high specific risk.