Radioactive material transport

MITAmbiente has all the technical, organizational and authorization skills required to carry out the transport of radioactive material, sources, and waste as well.

MITAmbiente is a leader in the transport and international shipments of radioactive and fissile material (irradiated and not) from the hospital, industrial and research sectors.


Transport of radioactive and fissile materials - Financial security

The transport of radioactive materials is regulated in Italy by Legislative Decree n. 101/2020 and a set of technical and administrative rules and regulations as well as the adoption of stringent safety standards.

The IAEA regulation sets out requirements to ensure the safe transport of radioactive materials and is the reference of all international modal regulations: ADR (road system), IMDG (maritime system), ICAO/IATA (air system), RID (rail system), ADN (inland waters system).

Road, air, and sea transport

MITAmbiente is authorized carrier for the transport of radioactive material in the road, air and sea modes and has the know-how and experience to organize shipments by rail and inland waters (e.g., Venetian Lagoon).

MITAmbiente supports the manufacturer in identifying the packaging suitable for the correct packaging of the radioactive material. Various types of radioactive packages are used for transport, including but not limited to exempt packages, type A packages, type B(U) packages, type B(M) packages, type C packages, IP1, IP2, IP3 packages.

As regards the transport of MITAmbient fissile material, it holds a passive physical protection certificate in accordance with Legislative Decree 58/2015. for category III material referred to in INFCIRC/274/Rev.1

The activities are seriously organized in strict compliance with current legislation with a high level of protection and safety of workers, the population and the environment from the risks arising from ionizing radiation.

National and international transport and shipping

MITAmbiente is the reference point for operators in Italy and the most important international players in the sector for the transport and multimodal shipments of radioactive materials.