MITAmbiente has been dealing with the management of dangerous goods for forty years with a particular focus on the radioactive field as regards material, sources and waste.

The know-how consolidated over time allows us to offer a wide range of high added value services ranging from the characterization of material contaminated by artificial or natural radionuclides, to reclamation, transport, disposal at the authorized MITAmbiente warehouse. MITAmbiente is also an authorized waste management facility pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/2006, as well as being authorized for the reclamation, intermediation and transport of special waste, WEEE, NORM and TeNORM. The range of services is completed by specialist consultancy on the packaging, shipping and transport of dangerous goods, including radioactive material.

The higlight is the conservative and non-conservative disassembly of equipment for reuse or removal. Each activity is carefully planned and managed taking care of every detail; professionalism and safety support the customer in every service performed.



The Technical Projects Department of MITAmbiente plays a fundamental role and deals with the entire process of managing the orders from the inspection phases, to the design, planning, execution of activities, monitoring and technical interface with the customer.

The winning approach of the Technical Projects Department is based on result orientation, technical and relational skills combined with attention to the organization. In this way, MITAmbiente is able to better satisfy customer requests by applying an efficient planning of all its resources, activities and processes.