Management of spaces for third parties

MITAmbiente is equipped with logistics spaces for the storage of dangerous goods, including the authorized storage for the radioactive material’s management.  

Considering the available spaces can store and manage the goods on behalf of third parties in large and small quantities, both for long and short periods.


Authorized radioactive storage

The MITAmbiente deposit is equipped with Category B Clearance for the deposit, handling and disposal of radioactive material and waste released by the Prefecture of Milan pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 101/2020.

In such suitable areas are carried out the following activities in the possession and management of radioactive material for third parties:

  • provision of authorized spaces as storage for radioactive products, sources, and waste
  • radiation material handling and processing activities.

Third-party deposit

MITAmbiente warehouses host the goods in temporary deposit custom third party.

The material is collected and then stored and deposited following all the most accurate storage and safety procedures. Warehouses are structured and equipped in such a way that they can store different types of products.

Thanks to the consolidated experience in the handling of the goods, even the most particular and difficult, and to a deep knowledge of the related issues, it is possible to meet all management and storage needs.