Special waste transport and disposal and WEEE

MITAmbiente is specialized in the management, recovery, and disposal of special waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, with particular focus on WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment of a professional nature.


Environmental authorizations

In its authorized special waste management plant MITAmbiente carries out operations of placing in reserve (R13), preliminary storage (D15), selection/ sorting (R12) and recovery (R4) of special waste.

MITAmbiente operates as a member of the Register of Environmental Managers for transport categories (Cat. 5), for intermediation (Cat. 8) and for reclamation (Cat. 9).

The material management process up to disposal or recovery

The material management activity is carried out according to the following procedure:

  • securing, disassembly and extraction from operating spaces.
  • removal and separation of hazardous materials and components, for example: dielectric/hydraulic oil, activated components, radioactive sources.
  • possible sanitization, decontamination or destruction and formatting of data.
  • transport, also under ADR.
  • disposal, recovery, or asset reuse

Intervention main areas

Security and Banking

MITAmbiente manages the disposal of banking and security equipment, such as: ATMs, safes, security cabinets, luggage scanners.



MITAmbiente takes care of the disposal and disposal of medical equipment, from those of small size and contained weights to bulky and heavy equipment, such as: magnetic resonances, CT scans, etc. It also disposes of activated components of high-energy particle accelerators (LINAC, cyclotrons, etc.).



MITAmbiente takes care of the withdrawal not only of small instruments used in the laboratories, but of the equipment of relevant dimensions and weights that require specific projects of handling and management.


ICT and office Automation

MITAmbiente offers the disposal service in the ICT sector with the protection of information stored on storage devices, certifying their destruction.



MITAmbiente deals with the end of life of electromechanical equipment, often bulky, used in the field of automatic distribution (ticketing, self-service distributors, slot machines, etc.), gaming, fitness, and wellness.