The Technical Guide n. 31 which contains the "Safety and radiation protection criteria for the decommissioning of nuclear installations" was drawn up by ISIN.

The Guide establishes the objectives and general safety and radiation protection criteria that must be followed for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. These criteria concern the decommissioning of nuclear installations which in the past were used for the production of electricity, for the production of nuclear fuel and for research activities in the nuclear field.

The security criteria are defined for all stages of decommissioning, including:

  • the deactivation strategy
  • the preparation of the Global Decommissioning Plan
  • emergency management
  • waste management
  • internal and external radiological monitoring of the site
  • the unconditional release of the site

The decommissioning activities end with the release of the site free from radiological constraints (the so-called green field).

For further information we recommend the link to the Technical Guide n. 31

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