Here is an interesting disposal case history that MITAmbiente completed in record time. A complete  service which included the packaging, collection, transport and disposal of two 137Cs blood products irradiators produced by Nordion International inc. and by the CIS DIA.

It was September 2021 when MITAmbiente presented the offer for the disposal tender and after the completion of the tender procedures ... in March 2022 the contract was signed. In the same month the service was performed and the certification of taking charge of the sources was released.

The phases of the activity:

  • drafting of an Operational Intervention Plan for the service safe management
  • obtaining the authorizations for carrying out the transport
  • on-site intervention for the disassembly and handling of the radiators from the irradiation room to the external area dedicated to the retreat
  • packaging in type-approved packaging - type B (U)
  • multimodal transport with authorized vehicle
  • issue of the certificate of taking charge of high activity sources

Two Gammacell 1000 and IBL 437 radiators were handled and disposed of for a total of 50.4 TBq of 137Cs and a weight of 3.720 kg.

The many years of experience in the sector has allowed MITAmbiente to obtain the transport authorization well in advance of the execution of the service, this has allowed the timely performance of the activity.


Decommissioning, disposals and environmental reclamations

MITAmbiente specializes in the decomissioning of plants and plants that present the risk from ionizing radiation,...


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